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Old 07-01-2006, 12:47 PM
Alicia E. Lutes
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yeah that is the only really tricky thing i have to decide. however, the whole battery situation is no longer the big concern seeing as i am fairly certain that my computer crashed last night. it was just on & i had music playing on it & poof! a blue screen came up & now IBM Rescue & Recovery is on my screen telling me I need to decide what to do & i am more than freaking out a little because i am afraid i've lost everything. i mean i have saved mymost important files, however the thousands upon thousands of dollars of music i have on this thing makes me more than a little nervous.

however i am planning on going today to get a back up hard drive that you plug into the usb port (i don't know what that is called) because one of the options is rescueing files on the hard drive, so i want to do that. if it doesn't work i might actually have to come down to drew sooner than i thought to let you guys look at this thing. hahahaaaaaaaa.......

so the long & short of it is you may see me back at drew sooner than i thought!

thanks again, everyone.
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Old 07-10-2006, 01:20 PM
Dia O'Neil
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how long has it been like that? sometimes my computer just stops charging, no matter how many times i shut it down and restart it. i brought it down to CNS the first time it did it and it baffled everybody. the power cord was fine, the battery was fine, and then a day later it started charging again. i mean, chances are that's just a fluke of my computer, but you never know. it's done it again since then and always rights itself in a day or so. don't know why. computers seem to do that. they're like finicky children. ugh.
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Old 07-10-2006, 05:32 PM
Rian D. Spivak's Avatar
Rian D. Spivak Rian D. Spivak is offline
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Depending on the IBM/Lenovo computer, it will only charge the battery when it gets to a certain point of being discharged. Some of the earlier models don't charge at something like 90+% and the newer ones may have settings on what percentage you would like it to not charge.

It does this because the batteries that the computers use have a certain limit on charge/discharge cycles. So the computer doesn't charge the battery unless it needs to be charged. For example, if you unplug your computer to move to another room, and then plug it back in. That would be discharging the battery slightly and then start to charge again. It tries to avoid things like that to extend the battery's life.

This possibly could be what happened to you. I don't know since I don't know the specific situation with your computer.
Rian Spivak
Hardware Support Specialist
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