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Old 03-29-2009, 02:25 PM
Dara L. Goldberg
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Default SGA Presidential Election TOMORROW (Mon. March 30th)

The SGA Presidential Election will take place TOMORROW (Monday March 30th)!
Bring your ID and vote outside the UC!

The election for ECAB chair and Senior Speaker will take place at the same time!

To help you decide which candidate to vote for, please scroll down to read the candidates platforms.

Thank you,
Dara Goldberg
Attorney General, SGA

President: Lenora Willis
Vice-President: Sam Bryson-Brockmann
We are Lenora Willis and Sam Bryson-Brockmann of the class of 2011. We are running for the positions of President and Vice-President for the upcoming year of 2009-2010 Student Government Association. We believe that the most important job of the president and vice president is to facilitate the actions of the SGA to the best of our ability.

If elected, we plan to improve the overall visibility of the Student Government Association and its ability to engage the student body. We feel that in this technological age the SGA, along with other student groups on campus have lost the sense of personal communication through mass messaging and campus wide emails. There is no better way to dissolve this problem than to properly train the new senate and our cabinet, to be more personal in the engagement of their constituents. Through better use of internet communication, going door-to-door, face-to-face interaction, and using word of mouth, we plan to make our senate the leaders on campus that their title entails.

Since the senate includes representatives from every corner of campus, the diversity is prevalent and strong in the meeting room. To enforce the fact that the senate is supposed to represent the student body as a whole, we plan on reaching out through open forums to gather all the voices on campus that may not be heard. These forums will also act as information sessions to the student body, to become actively aware of the SGA’s actions and legislations, since after all we would like to represent you to the best of our ability.

Drew University’s mission statement states that the characteristics of our environment should include the respect for individuality and appreciation of diversity. If elected for this upcoming year we hope to maintain the principles of Drew University’s mission statement by increasing the SGA’s visibility on campus and improving the SGA’s ability to engage the student body. With a larger presence in public life on campus the SGA, under our administration, will be a better reflection of the students’ hopes and needs. If we are elected, the SGA will no longer be accused of being invisible, after all we will be representing you, the students, to the administration and we cannot afford to leave even one voice unheard.

President: Brad Mendelson
Vice-President: Laquan Austion
We are Brad Mendelson and Laquan Austion public servants to the Drew Community. Our Platform is very simple. We aim to establish a more “Cohesive Drew.” It entails three sectors that aim to create: "A Cohesive Drew."

“Cohesion Funding:” Due to the ailing economy we understand realistically funding will be cut in next years budget. However through cohesive funding through various organizations on-campus we can ease the burden for independent expenditure for organizations. By adding pressure on the advertisement agencies and networking ties we can help save money and ensure larger crowd attendance for programs. We think this is a vital tool amidst crisis and even a better way to strengthen cohesive Drew programs. As a result we can gather revenue from multiple sources to keep prominent Drew programs alive and even perhaps have enough to begin new ones.

“Bridging the Gap:” All three schools on campus virtually have the same programming. If we took the initiative to collaborate ideas and programs we could bridge the gap amongst school. This is a crucial aspect of the Drew community as we seek to link the connection of the Drew school. Once again promoting the idea of a more "Cohesive Drew unit."

“SGA Comes Closer:” Often SGA administrations initially work hard to listen to constituent concerns, however towards the end of the term this passion dismantles. Rather than having students come to the SGA, we want to come to them by hosting active hours in more concentrated areas (ie: The Pub, the Commons, or the DOYO).This would allow our active government on-campus to stay and remain involved with the Drew Community.
This sector also includes adding new positions to the administration which would produce more transparency. Adding positions such as an RA Senator would also help bridge the gap from SGA to students.

Lastly, we hope to serve you and a new Cohesive Drew Community better in the 2009-2010 school year. Mendelson and Austion

President: Kyle Smith
Vice-President: Mike Chevinsky
Hello fellow Drew students our names are Kyle Smith and Mike Chevinsky, and we are running as write-in candidates for the position of SGA president and vice-president for the coming school year. This is both an exciting and tumultuous time to be at Drew, for a myriad of positive changes have been implemented by the current SGA administration yet the economic crisis and other factors have hindered a more universal improvement for the school in general. Going forward, it is crucial that the next administration be able to continue efforts at making improvements to the campus while not compromising its overall goals due to external factors, which is something we are most qualified to do.

Both of us are currently SGA senators, and with a combined 4 years experience in the SGA, we fully understand the nuances of the organization as well as the current issues that plague not only it, but the university itself. It is of paramount importance to us that the Drew Community not demonstrate any exclusionary tendencies or practices, and that is something we will continue to address in the hopes of establishing a truly united Drew. It is our belief that more campus-wide activities and initiatives are needed, which will help to build a sense of camaraderie and an overall more amicable atmosphere for the entire college. Pursuant to that point, it is imperative that relations between the student body and the SGA improve. Better communication is needed by any means necessary including utilizing the SGA website more efficiently, emailing the minutes of every SGA meeting to the campus, and guaranteeing that we will hold ourselves to a higher standard than required by the office.

In addition to improving the current Drew experience for students today by building a more unified community, it is also our goal to ensure the university’s reputation in academia remains respectable. It is of supreme importance to us that the university is not compromising its admissions standards for any reason. Considering the tuition we all pay for our education here, it is only fair that we get the best education possible. We plan on establishing a town hall type of forum for students and faculty of the Drew Community to convene and discuss academic concerns, problems etc. This will aid in further unifying the Drew community. We feel that unilateral decisions on academic and admissions issues such as the one made on submission of SAT scores, are not consistent with a typical open, liberal arts style of education and policy. We want to preserve the high standards of our school for today, so that in the future when applying for a job or graduate school, our undergraduate education at Drew is seen as strength.

As president and vice-president of the SGA, we will not shy away from difficult issues, but rather embrace them. If given the chance, we will unequivocally be able to bring about positive change to this campus both for today, and the future.
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